Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Engine stalling in”D” range after starting the engine – torque converter/Sonata NF

model: Sonata NF year model: 2005 mileage:124674 km
Displacement: 2400cc Fuel: Gasoline T/A Auto
Subject: Engine stalling in “D” range after starting the engine – torque converter.
1) Condition:
  • Engine stalling when the auto transmission is in “D” range after starting the engine
2) Cause:
  • Sticking of torque converter
3) Diagnosis:image image
  1. Inspect the auto transmission oil = Normal
  2. Scantool check = No trouble code.
  3. Stall test – the speed is not increased more than 2500 rpm.
    = Standard value ( Stall speed: 2000 – 2500 rpm).
  4. Check the ignition coil and plug – Normal.
  5. Inspect the waveform of CKP = Normal.
  6. Inspect the coil pump and torque converter.
    =The torque converter has been interfered with oil pump housing.
4) Repair Guide:
  1. Engine stall when shifting
    = If the engine stall when the selector lever is shifted from N to D or R range while the engine is Idling, the cause probably a malfunction of the engine system, torque converter clutch solenoid, valve body or torque converter( torque converter clutch malfunction).
  2. Probably cause
    = Malfunction of engine system.
    = Malfunction of torque converter solenoid.
    = Malfunction of the valve body.
    = Malfunction of torque converter.
    ( Malfunction of torque converter clutch.
Engine system check:
  1. Check the control system, ignition , fuel system and main system =====>Repair  , replace.
  2. ok?
  3. Replace the torque converter clutch solenoid
  4. Replace the torque converter.
  1. Stall speed too high in booth R and D range.
    = Low line pressure.
    = Low and reverse brake slippage.
  2. Stall speed is too high in D range only.
    = Reverse clutch slippage.
  3. Stall speed is too high in R range only.
    = Reverse slippage.
  4. Stall speed too low in D and R ranges.
    = Malfunction of torque converter.
    = Insufficient engine output. 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ABS warning lamp on always

model: Terracan (HP) model year: 2004 mileage: 30250 km
Diagnosis: 2900cc Fuel: Gasoline T/A all
Subject: ABS warning lamp on always – Wheel speed sensor.

1) Condition:
  1. The warning lamp illuminates.( C1200FL wheel speed sensor- Open and short circuit).
  2. When releasing the brake pedal, the RPM increases.
2) Cause:
  1. Abnormal wheel speed sensor.
3) Diagnosis:
  1. Scan tool check.
    = C1200 Front wheel speed sensor open/short
  2. Check the current data(driving test)
    = The intermittent poor data input ( Front left wheel speed sensor) is found.
  3. Connector is broken when checking the front left (F/L) wheel speed sensor.
  4. Parts of wheel speed sensor are normal(13 kilo ohms – 16 kilo ohms)
4) Repair Guide:
  • Cut the FL wheel sensor connector wiring and solder it after replacing the abnormal connector with a normal one.
  • more Study

Monday, April 26, 2010

Engine hard starting due to shift cable bracket/Sonata (FL).

model: Sonata (FL) year model: 2009 mileage: 80236
Displacement: 2400cc Fuel: Gasoline T/A: Auto
Subject: Engine hard starting.
* This field case trouble I encountered today,to think that really help somebody who have a problem likes this.
1) Condition:
  1. Intermittent hard starting.
  2. Engine start after moving the shift lever several times.
2) Cause:
  1. Tghe shift lever moves.
3) Diagnosis:
  1. Scan tool check = trouble code.
  2. Battery cable = Normal 12V.
  3. Check the shift lever “N” range using HI-DS scanner – D range is detected.
  4. Hard starting is occurred due to the movement of auto T/M cable bracket.It operates normally after inserting a washer.
4) Repair Guide:
  1. Install the transaxle control cable and adjust as follows.
    = move the shift lever and the transaxle range switch to the “N” position, and install the control cable.
    = When connecting the control cable to the transaxle mounting bracket, install the clip until it contacts the control cable.
    = Remove any free-play in the control cable by adjusting nut and then check to see that the control lever moves smoothly.image
    = Check to see the that the control cable has been adjusted correctly.
Note:please don’t forget your comment.
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Rear curtain not working/Genesis BH 3.8

model: Genesis BH model year: 2009 mileage: 20034 km
Displacement: 3800cc Fuel: Gasoline A/T all
Subject: Rear curtain not working on Park and neutral position sometimes

1) Condition:
  1. Rear curtain not working.
2) Cause:
  1. Rear curtain switch socket  one pin  loosed.
3) Diagnosis:
  1. Scan tool check
    = No trouble code.
  2. Check for the fuse = Ok.
  3. check all connector for terminal loosed,
    = socket terminal from rear curtain switch loosed.
4) Repair Guide:

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hyundai Grandeur (XG) 2004/Intermittent Engine Stalling

Troubleshooting your engine - that's a large arena. After all, most of your car is engine. Or at least the part that you need. Your car's engine is made up of many systems that all have to work together in order to make your car run the way it should. The best way to troubleshoot your engine is to observe the problem and the symptoms, then trace those symptoms to the most likely repairs. We can help you do just that.
Observation is the key to engine troubleshooting. You know your car better than anyone. This means that if it's making a sound or a smell that's not normal you will most likely notice something's awry. Many times a strange smell or sound is no big deal, but when you know that something is wrong these clues can be the key to prope3r troubleshooting.
The following areas will come up during troubleshooting analysis. Follow the trail and you will find troubleshooting salvation, or at least a shorter day of troubleshooting. these is a field case trouble shooting from Hyundai Grandeur.
model: Grandeur (XG) model year: 2004 mileage: 123200 km
Displacement: 3500cc Fuel: Gasoline T/A all
Subject: Intermittent Engine stalling

1) Condition:
  • Intermittent Engine stalling
2) Cause:
  1. Sensor wiring ground is loosened
  1. Scan tool check.
    =no trouble code.
    =current data with in specification.
  2. Auto TM stall speed is normal.(2,200rpm)
  3. When swaying the sensor connector, failure happen intermittently.
    = sensor Ground is located at engine room, beside battery and fuse box.
4) Repair Guide.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why my car won’t start?

= Now here are some tips why car won’t start. there are some causes why this can happen, so again let me give some important tips, Electrical problem, mechanical.
Electrical No-Start Problems
  • Check Your Fuses: Few cars have a fuse associated with the starting system, but before you go monkeying around with everything, check your fuses to be sure it's not that simple.
  • Battery Corrosion: Over time your battery connections can become dirty, or corroded. This corrosion breaks the connection your battery has with the rest of the car, and it won't start. Try cleaning your battery posts, and try to start the car again.
  • Dead Battery: The most common reason your car won't start is a dead battery. If you have a battery tester that can measure cranking amps, test your battery to see if it's weak. If you can't test it yourself, you can test the battery indirectly by jump-starting the car. If it starts right away, your problem is most likely a dead battery. replace the battery, and clean the battery.
How to trouble shoot a starter?
1) Location of starter relay and the fuse.
= First thing to do.

  1. Check the location of fuse and starter relay from engine compartment fuse box,or in passenger fuse box.
    = Pull out and check the fuse if busted visually.= Replace if busted. but if OK to 2nd step.
  2. Pull out Relay
    = Visually check the number of each pin, pin 30,pin 85,pin 86,pin 87.

    Pin 30 = Hot at all times – means even Ignition key is in acc (accessories) position current is flowing.
    Pin 85 = Current is flowing only when the Ignition key is in “ON” 
    note: For automatic transmission this pin the current is flowing from Ignition fusible link 40A to Ignition switch, and from Ignition Switch to Transaxle switch Park and Neutral position, and to Starter relay,
    Pin 86 =From Body ground. 
    Pin 87 = to starter solenoid switch.
  3. more study

    = From this instruction you can now trouble shoot the electrical circuit of starter. image image image image
                                     Relay                             Starter                 Ignition switch

Engine cranking but not starting/V6 Centennial Hyundai

model: Centennial LZ model year: 2003 mileage: 132452
Displacement:3500cc Fuel: Gasoline A/T: Auto
Subject:Engine cranking but not starting/newly overhaul engine from outside workshop.

1) Condition:
  • Engine cranking but not starting/newly overhaul engine.
2) Cause:
  • Right bank cylinder head ,no compression from cylinder #1 # 3 # 5.
  • Intake camshaft & Exhaust camshaft misplace.
3) Diagnosis:
  1. Scan tool check = no trouble code.
  2. Check for fuel system = OK
  3. Check for spark from high tension wire = OK
  4. Check for power supply from injector = OK
  5. Check for compression from all cylinder = Fail
    = loss of compression fro cylinder #1,3,5,

  6. pull out cylinder head cover to inspect  camshaft,
    = the position of intake and exhaust camshaft misplace due to the mark of both camshaft if the same only the position of cam lobe is different.         
4) Repair Guide:      
Exhaust camshaft                                                       Intake camshaft                                    
     = pull out intake and exhaust  camshaft and put in original position.

more study

Friday, April 23, 2010

Engine Stallingwhen shift to “R”/Elantra XD

model: Elantra ( XD) model year: 2004 mileage:40900 km
Displacement: 2000cc Fuel: Gasoline T/A all
Subject: Engine stalling

1) Condition:
  • Engine stalls when shifting lever to “R” position.
2) Cause:
  • dowel pin on the camshaft is broken.
3) Diagnosis:
  1. Scan tool check = no trouble code.
  2. Check th ignition coil = it is normal.
  3. Inspect the noise from the fuel pump.
  4. Operating sound of the injector is normal and the oscilloscope shows normal wave form.
    =ECM and sensor s wiring are normal.
    =Mechanical fault is suspected.
  5. Check the timing mark.
  6. Abnormal compression noise is detected when starting engine.
  7. Remove rocker cover for checking valve timing.
NOTE = Camshaft and # 1 TDC position are mismatched.

4) Repair Guide:
  1. Replace the valve timing.
  2. Replace the camshaft assy.
  3. more

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Abnormal engine noise-turbo charger/Terracan hyundai

model:Terracan Year model: 2004 mileage:14789 km
Displacement:2900cc Fuel:Diesel A/T: all
Subject: Abnormal engine noise/turbo charger

1) Condition:

  • When engine is cold abnormal noise occur.

2) Cause:

  • malfunction in turbo charger.

3) Diagnosis:

  1. The noise is similar to the front exhaust pipe noise.
  2. Please wait

    Image not available

  3. The noise occur from the turbo charger.
  4. Remove the turbo charger from the engine.
  5. Metal chips in turbo charger are found.
  6. The piece of part from turbo charger assembly is out of order.

 4) Repair Guide:

  • Replace the turbo charger

Terracan (HP)/poor acceleration-water pump

model: Terracan (HP) Year model: 2004 mileage: 30500 km
Displacement: 2900cc Fuel: Gasoline T/A All
Subject: poor acceleration- water pump
1) C0ndition:
  • Poor acceleration with a warm Engine.
2) Cause:
  • Coolant temperature increases due to the water pump malfunction.
3) Diagnosis:
  1. Scan tool check= no trouble code.
  2. At idle , the condenser fan operates highly with A/C off.
    At this point the current data shows WTS 117 *C.
    (Water Temperature Sensor)
  3. During acceleration the RPM is fixed 1,800.
  4. After the A/C ON condition, When the engine is cooled, accelerating become possible.
  5. with coolant temperature increasing,decrease the amount of fuel to protect the engine,computer logic, if water temperature sensor becomes 120*c, the engine can be stalled.
  6. While checking the water pump the impeller is separated. Corroded Micra Water Pump
4) Repair Guide:
  1. Replace the water pump and coolant.
  2. Clean the coolant passages.  
  3. more 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Accent (LC) Abnormal windshield wiper

model :Accent (LC) model year: 2000 mileage: 105289
Displacement: 1500cc Fuel : Gasoline T/A auto
Subject: Abnormal windshield wiper – Ground wiring.

1) Condition:
  1. The windshield operates when operating the rear defogger and rear air conditioner.
  2. The head lamp and tail lamp fail to operate.
  3. The door is lock by itself, when operating the wiper motor switch.
2) Cause:
  1. Abnormal ground point of the main wiring G06.
  2. Abnormal tightening of G06 ground point 10 mm bolt.
  1. Visually inspect after removing the night bulb –normal.
  2. Inspect the ground supply and ground condition.
    =Inspect the power supply  line (+) using test lamp =normal.
  3. Inspect the dimmer switch.
    =Inspect the contact condition of switch using multi meter = normal.
    =Inspect the power switch which inputted up to switch = normal.
    =Inspect the ground line using test lamp =  Abnormal.
  4. Inspect the wire from M 10-2 connector to G06 ground point = normal.
  5. Inspect the G06 ground point= poor contact.
    (Ground point G06 is located at passenger front seat and under g
    love box beside A/C blower assy).
4) Repair Guide:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Terracan (HP) 4H and 4WD low operates, Intermittently

Model: Terracan ( HP ) Model year: 2004 Mileage: 11720 km
Displacement: 2900cc Fuel: Diesel T/A All
Subject: Abnormal operation of EGR Vacuum hose

1) Condition:
  • 4H and 4WD low operates improperly,intermittent.
2) Cause:
  • Malfunction of EGR vacuum hose check valve.
3) Diagnosis:
  1. Scan tool check
    = No trouble code.
  2. When operating the 4WD switch, the indicator lamp illuminates.
    ( 2H- 4H-4WD low)
  3. Check with the vehicle being lifted, the front wheel shaft from T/F (transfer) does not operates.
  4. CADS actuator does not operates (CADS-Center axle Disconnect System).
    If normal, it moves Approx 3cm to the right side.
  5. When changing from 2H to 4H, 5 seconds later the ECM displays 12V and the CADS solenoid displays 12V.
4) Repair Guide:
  1. Replace the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) vacuum hose check valve.
    ( Part #: 39430-4x430)
  2. If DTC code displays related to 4WD or the warning lamps illuminates, check whether the CADS actuator operates normally or not.
  3. more study  &please leave comments

Monday, April 19, 2010

Azera ATM Slip & Shock

model: Azera model year: 2009 Mileage: 67324
Displacement: 3300cc Fuel: Gasoline A/T Auto
Subject: ATM  Slip & Shock
  • Abnormal operation of Speedometer.
  • Shock are occurred when shifting the Auto transmission.
2) Cause:
  • Water enters the speed sensor.
a) Scan tool check
                                                  DTC CODE
         P0501       Vehicle speed sensor malfunction
How to Check for a Transmission Fluid Leak
b)Location of sensor
c) Stall test – Normal (Standard value: Stall speed 2,000 to 2900 RPM.

  • Fluid level: At the hot mark on the oil level gauge.
  • Fluid temperature: 80=100 degrees Celsius .
d) Erase the DTC.
e) Perform a road test.
f) recheck the DTC
  • If the DTC is Abnormal find the causes of problem and repair it.
4) Repair Guide:
  • Check the vss signal on scan tool
  • measure the value of related circuit and sensor.
  • Speed sensor harness inspection
    =from right of speed sensor socket is pin #1 measure the approximate voltage to body ground by using digital tester. 12 volt
    = center is pin # 2  to the body ground approximately below 1 ohms.
    = Pin # 3 to body ground is approximately 5 vo
  • more study  .

Centennial Equus field case

model: Equus model year: 2010 mileage: 1000
Diaplacement: 4600cc Fuel: Gasoline A/T Auto
Subject: Engine not Cranking(Starter clicking and impossible to crank the Engine)-Loosed connection

1) Condition:

  • Engine not Cranking (Starter only clicking and impossible to crank the engine.


  1. Battery (+) from front Battery jump start cable loosed.(Engine compartment)

3) Diagnosis:

  1. Inspect the Battery using battery tester = Good battery.
  2. Inspect the Battery terminal (REAR)=ok
  3. Inspect battery terminal from engine compartment jump start.= one terminal loosed.

4) Repair Guide:

  • Retightening the terminal.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Field Case Galloper/Engine High RPM/Unstable,Black smoke

Model: Galloper Model year: 2004 Mileage 75321
Displacement: 2000 cc Fuel:Gasoline T/A all
Subject: Engine high RPM,Unstable,Black smoke
1) Condition
  1. Abnormal increasing of  Engine RPM during driving or braking.
  2. Hesitation, poor engine power or stalling.
  3. Black smoke.
2) Cause.
  • Poor contact of of the fuel pump wiring and engine wiring.
  1. Connect the wiring harness connectors.
    = 12 pin connector: 4 pin (Governor electric,CSP wires).
    = 3pins connector: 2pin (pump speed sensor wires).
4) Repair Guide.

Tiburon Trouble/Excessive Exhaust

Model: Tiburon Model year: 2004-6 Mileage: 80,300
Displacement:2700cc Fuel: Gasoline T/A all
Subject: Excessive Exhaust Gas due to the malfunction of 02 sensor
1) Condition:
  • Abnormal Engine exhaust gas.
2) Cause:
  1. Engine ECM does not get signal from 02 sensor.
  2. ECM control wiring connector (c133-2 input side)is fitted in wrong direction.(this the socket connector of ECM)
3) Diagnosis
  1. Scan tool check.
    = Diagnostic trouble code. P0560 - System voltage -malfunction,P1167 – 02s (B2) cont. – adaption. , P1166 – 02s (B1) cont.-adaption.
    =check a current data for fr. 02s-B1 4.9 v= out of Specification. continually on high Voltage (4.9V).
    =the normal signal is Fluctuates signal.
    =visual inspection for wiring connector. ECM control wiring connector (C133-2) A and B are fitted in exchange position.
4) Repair Guide

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Poor Engine Power, Hyundai Tiburon/Coupe

Model:Tiburon/Coupe Model year: 2003-4 Mileage:28414
Displacement: 2000cc Fuel :Gasoline T/A Auto:
C code:improper Tightening N code: Impossible to Start(hold to 3rd Gear. System main harness
1) Condition:

  1. Automatic Transaxle 3rd gear hold and poor Engine power
  1. Poor ground contact of the ATM control relay.
  • Scan tool check.
    =Diagnostic Trouble Code.
DTC Diagnostic Item
P1723 ATM control relay open/short circuit to ground.
  • Inspect the parts of Engine control relay.
    =Inspect the resistance of the coil:85 ohms (normal)
    =Inspect the contact point of the ATM control relay Terminal (normal).
  • Inspect the power source and the ground line inputted to control relay using test lamp and multi meter.
    =Measure the voltage inputted to C37 connector # 1 pin.
    12.3 V (Normal)
    =Inspect the c37 connector #2 pin ground line using test lamp.
    =The test lamp is not Turn “ON'”: Abnormal.
  • Check for open circuit of wire C37 connector #2 pin to 18 ground point using ohm meter- 0 ohms(Normal)
  • Inspect the G18 ground point.
4 Repair Guide:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Field Case Trouble Shooting of Hyundai Cars

model 2009
Auto transmission delay shifting during driving Trouble code: P0880 TCM power input signal.Check w/ ECU, input & output sensor.(the same) Replace valve body harness.
Azera 3.3 model 2008 A/T shock shifting specially w/ A/C on,Check Engine indicator always on,RPM fluctuating & cruise control not working. Trouble code: 0501.TPS, ECT,ECU,wheel speed sensor,vehicle speed sensor. Vehicle speed sensor
Azera 3.3 model 2009 Check engine indicator always ON and no acceleration Trouble code: P2106,P1295,P2135.ECU, APS,ESP module. Throttle body assembly.
Sonata FL 2.4 model:2009 Check engine indicator always on (night time) ECU, Electrical circuit. Put an ordinary xenon bulb directly to head light.
Centenial LZ 3.5 model 2005 Engine stalling at Idle at thesame time shock shifting during driving. no trouble code: Fuel pump,Spark plug, high tension wire,ignition coil. Ignition coil
Genesis BH 3.8 model 2009 Underneath grinding noise during driving at speed of 70 to 80 km/hr. Wheel hub bearing, propeller center bearing.Differential. Differential oil.
Veracruz 3.8 model 2009 Check engine indicator always on at the same time no acceleration. TPS,APS,ECU,ESP. throttle body assembly
Sonata FL 2.4 model 2009 Shock shifting during driving specially on deceleration before traffic light. A/T valve body, ground terminal,sensor input & output. ECU malfunction
Elantra HD 1.6 model 2009 A/T not shifting and stick on 1st gear. ECU,output or input sensor. output sensor
Azera TG 3.3 model 2008 During deceleration at stop light ESP off at the same time no acceleration. ESP module,ECU,APS Engine compartment fuse box,signal of APS w/ white color to throttle body circuit loss.
Trajet 2.0 model 2006 hazard and signal light not functioning. fuse box,electrical circuit, Engine compartment fuse box:power fuse 21 busted.
Matrix 1.6 model 2008 A/T delay w/ shock shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear. ECU ,valve body,A/T oil.Input & output sensor. Input & out put sensor
Azera TG 3.8 model 2008 Engine cut off during driving Electrical circuit loss, fuel pump. Fuel pump motor
Veracruz ENGINE jerking specially on driving w/ A/C on no trouble code from Scan tool.fuel pump,ignition coil,Spark plug. Electrical circuit loss. Spark plug spark leaking
more study

Azera Field Case trouble/Engine RPM up & down

SUBJECT: Engine RPM up & down on R & Drive position.


  • Engine RPM up & down on R & Drive position


  • PCV valve


  1. Check Scan tool = no trouble code.
  2. Check for Air leaking= PCV valve malfunction

4) repair Guide.

  • Replace PCV valve

Santa Fe Field Case Trouble ABS/TCS warning lamp

Model : Santa Fe Model year: 2004 Mileage: 35243 km
Displacement: 2700 cc Fuel : Gasoline T/A All
Group: Brake system System:ABS (Anti brake system Component: Front wheel speed sensor
Subject: ABS/TCS warning lamp “ON”

1) Condition:

  1. During driving ABS/TCS illuminates
  2. The vehicle has been repaired 2 times but same symptom reoccurred.

2) Cause:

  • A short circuit between the wiring and the passenger compartment junction box bracket w/c is apart by 20 cm from EM03 connector.

3) Diagnosis":

  1. Scan tool check
    =Diagnostic trouble code,( c1203 FR wheel speed sensor open or short).DTC cannot be arased
  2. Inspect the wheel speed sensor unit ( Resistance 1.2 kilo ohms.
    -Inspect the sensor power that inputted in HECU.(Hydraulic Electronic Control Unit.)
    -The separated connector condition: 5Volt is normal.
    -Connect the connector, if normal the output power 2.5 v but the problem vehicles output power is 0 volt. (Short).
  3. When checking the resistance between the wheel speed sensor vehicle body the resistance is changed intermittently.
  4. Detach the middle connector EM 03
    -Calculate the resistance in sensor and HECU input.
    -Sensor resistance :normal.
    -HECU input resistance :Intermittent short circuit.
    ( check w/ the wiring shaken).
  5. Take the wiring cover off and inspect the short circuit.

4) Repair Guide:

  1. This problem is caused because of intermittent short circuit in wheel speed sensor.After checking DCT using Hi-Scan,it is possible to erase the DTC.
    when the vehicle stop driving,the DTC does not appear again but if the warning lamp illuminates during driving, the same DTC appears.When similar (EMS,ATM, other system.) happens,check w/ the wiring shaken.
  2. The warning lamp is illuminated only after driving when there are problems due to the wheel speed sensor air gap or foreign materials in tone wheel and sometimes high speed dring. Check if the warning lamp illuminates when driving after erasing the DTC or right after when there is a DTC related to wheel speed sensor(Driving test is necessary)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Field trouble shooting

This are the case on automobile I think it can help you to easily recognize or gives you idea to trouble shoot the problem.
Ignition system:
Symptom Suspect area Remedy
Engine will not start or is hard to start(Crank Ok) =Ignition lock switch.

=Ignition coil.

=Spark plug.

=Ignition wiring or disconnected.
=Inspect ignition lock switch,or replace as required.
=Inspect ignition coil or replace as required.
=Inspect spark plug or replace as required.
=Repair wiring or replace as required.
Rough idle or stalls =Ignition wiring.

=Ignition coil.
=Repair wiring or replace as required
=Inspect ignition coil or replace as required.
Engine hesitates/poor acceleration =Spark plugs and spark plug cable .
=Ignition wiring.
=Inspect spark plug/ cable or replace as required.
=Repair wiring or replace as required.
Poor acceleration =Spark plug and spark plug cable =Inspect spark plug/ cable or replace as required.
Charging System:
Symptom Suspect area Remedy
Charging warning indicator does not light with ignition switch “ON” and engine off. =Fuse blown..
=Light burned out.
=Wiring connection loose.
=Electronic voltage regulator.
=Check fuses.
=Replace light.
=Tighten loose connection.
=Replace voltage regulator.
Charging warning indicator does not go out with engine running.
(Battery requires frequent recharging.
=Drive belt loose or worn.
=Battery cable loose / corroded or worn.
=Electronic voltage regulator.
=Adjust belt tension or replace belt.
=Tighten loose  connection.
=Replace voltage regulator.
Overcharge =Electronic voltage regulator.
=Voltage sensing wire.
=Replace voltage regulator.
=Repair or replace wiring.
Discharge =Drive belt loose or worn.

=Wiring connection loose or shirt circuit.
=Electronic voltage regulator or alternator.
=poor grounding.
=Worn battery.
=Adjust belt tension or replace belt tension.
=Inspect wiring connection, repair or replace wiring.
=Replace voltage regulator or alternator.
=Inspect ground or repair.
=Replace battery.

Starting System:

Symptom Suspect area Remedy
Engine will not crank =Battery charge low.
=Battery cables loose, corroded or worn out.
=Transaxle range switch(vehicle w/ automatic transmission only)
=Fuse blown.
=Starter motor faulty.
=Ignition switch faulty.
=charge or replace battery.
=Repair or replace cables.

=Refer to TR group Automatic transaxle.
=Replace fuses.
Engine crank slowly =Battery charge low.
=Battery cables loose, worn out.
=Starter motor faulty.
=Recharge or replace battery.
=Repair or replace cables.
Starter keeps running. =Starter motor.
=Ignition switch.
Starter spins but engine will not crank. =Short in wiring.
=Pinion gear teeth broken or starter motor.
=Ring gear teeth broken.
=Repair wiring.

=Replace flywheel or torque converter.
more stdy

Monday, April 12, 2010

How to = Engine 6 Cylinder Trouble Shooting

Lower engine noise regardless of engine speed. 1)Low oil pressure
2)Deform oil pan,contacting the oil pump strainer.

3)Excessive piston to cylinder bore clearance.
4)Excessive conrod bearing clearance.

5)Excessive crankshaft bearing clearance.

6)Incorrect piston,piston pin & connecting rod installation.
1)Replace oil pump if necessary
2)Inspect the oil pan,Inspect the oil pump screen, & Repair or Replace.
3)Inspect & replace if necessary.
4)Inspect the following component &repair as required.
=the connecting rod bearing.
=The connecting rods.
=crankshaft pin journal.
5)Inspect the following component & repair as required.
=Crankshaft bearing.
=Crankshaft main journals.Cylinder block.
6)Verify the piston pins & connecting rod installed correctly,Repair as required.
Engine noise underload. 1)Low oil pressure.

2)Excessive connecting rod clearance.

3)Excessive crankshaft bearing clearance.
1)Inspect oil passages,repair & replace oil pump if necessary.
2)Inspect the following component,connecting rod bearing, connecting rod& crankshaft.
3)Inspect the following component repair or replace as required.
=Crankshaft bearing.
=Crankshaft main journals.
=Cylinder block.
Engine will not crank-crankshaft will not rotate. 1)Hydraulically locked cylinder.
=Coolant/antifreeze in cylinder.
=Oil on cylinder.
=fuel in cylinder.

2)Broken timing chain or chain gear.

3)Materials on cylinder.
=Broken valve.
=Broken piston.
1)Removed the sparkplug & check for fluid.
2)Inspect for broken head gasket.
3)Inspect for cracked engine block or cylinder head.
4)Inspect for a sticking fuel injector.
1)Inspect the timing chain &gear repair or replace as required.
1)Inspect component and repair and replace parts defective.
Note: Engine occurs this trouble due to Drivers attitude.misused,over acceleration.lack of knowledge on control panel indicators like, oil &check engine indicator,water temperature indicator.lack of engine check up before driving.
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Engine Diagnostic Trouble shooting

Symptom/Diagnosis Suspect Area/Parts Action/Remedy
Engine misfire w/ abnormal
lower engine noise
1)Worn crankshaft bearing.
2)Loose or improperly engine drive plate
3)Worn piston ring (oil consumption may or may not cause the engine to misfire)
4)Worn crankshaft thrust bearing.
1)Replace the crankshaft and bearing as required.
2)Repair or replace the drive plate

3)Inspect the cylinder for the loose of or replace.

4)Replace the crankshaft & bearing
Engine misfire w/ abnormal valve train noise. 1)stuck valves (carbon build up on the valve stem.
2)Excessive worn or misaligned timing chain.
3)Worn camshaft lobes.
1)Repair or Replace

2)Replace the timing chain and sprocket.
3)Replace the camshaft & valve lifters.
Engine misfire w/ coolant consumption. 1)Faulty cylinder head gasket or other damage of cylinder head or engine block cooling system. 1)Inspect the cylinder head & gasket or coolant passages from engine block.
Excessive oil consumption w/ engine misfire. 1)Worn valve, guides or valve stem.
2)Worn piston ring.(oil consumption may/not cause the engine to misfire).
1)Repair or replace
2)Inspect the cylinder for loose compression, repair or replace.
Engine noise on start up but only in few second. 1)Incorrect oil viscosity
2)Worn thrust bearing.
1)change oil w/correct oil viscosity.
2)Inspect thrust bearing repair or replace if necessary.
Regardless of engine speed,upper engine noise occurs. 1)Low oil pressure

2)Deform or clogged valve lifter.
3)damage valve spring.
4)Worn camshaft lobes.
5)Worn timing chain tensioner.
6)Stretched or broken timing chain or damage sprocket teeth.
7)Worn valve stem or guides.
8)Stuck valves.(carbon deposit on valve stem or valve seat can cause the valve to stay open.
9)Worn drive belt, idler, tensioner & bearing.
1)check oil passages or replace oil pump.
4)Inspect the camshaft lobes.
5)Replace the timing chain tensioner if necessary.
6)Replace timing chain & sprocket.
7)Inspect and repair or replace.
8)Inspect valves & guides then repair as required.

9)Replace as required.
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Engine Trouble Shooting Genesis BH 2009

Model: GENESIS BH Model Year. 2009
Displacement. 4600 cc Fuel. Gasoline
Subject: Engine not Cranking/Starting-Engine Stocked up
1) Condition:
  • Engine not Cranking/Starting
  • Engine Submerged in Flood Water
  • Try to rotate the Engine mechanically (Stocked –up)
4) Repair Guide
  • Pull out the Engine and dismantle & check parts defective (broken/burnt)

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Automatic Transmission Shock Shifting

Model: Elantra Year model:2008 Mileage:4900
Displacement: 1600 cc Fuel: Gasoline Automatic trans.
Group: Transaxle/Transsmision System:Automatic Trans.
Subject: A/Transmission shock when gear lever shift to ( R ) & ( D

1) Condition :

  1. A/Transmission shock when gear lever shift to ( R ) & ( D ).

2) cause:

  1. Input sensor socket connector loosed,1,2,3. pin unconnected to input sensor.

3) Diagnosis:

A) Scan tool check.
= Diagnosis trouble code.

  • P0717 Input sensor signal turbine

General Description:

=The input (turbine ) speed sensor outputs waveform signal according to the revolution of the input shaft , TCM determines the input shaft speed by calculating the frequency of the pulses. this value is mainly used to control the optimum fluid pressure during shifting.

  • If this trouble code ( P0717 ) appeared automatically fail safe and locked into 3rd, 2nd gear.

*Harness inspection:

  • Signal circuit Inspection
  1. Ignition “ON” & Engine off
  2. Disconnect the INPUT SPEED SENSOR connector.
  3. Measure voltage between terminal 2 of the input speed sensor harness connector and chassis ground (Specification is Approx. 5v) it is good?
  • Power Supply Circuit Inspection
  1. Ignition ON & Engine off.
  2. Disconnect the Input Speed sensor connector.
  3. Measure voltage between terminal 3 of the Iput speed sensor harness connector to the chassis ground (approx. (B+)Good?

B) Check the Input speed sensor harness connector,indication of poor contact due to deformation of connector.

4) Repair Guide:

  • Repair connector of Input Speed sensor.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Azera Engine Stalling/Shock Shifting

Model : Grandeur/Azera Model yr. 2008 Mileage: 90,000
Displacement : 3.3 cc Fuel: Gasoline T/A Auto
Group : General System: Fuel & Relay Information
N code Abnormal Shift c code Poor Contact & Short,open circuit

1) Condition
  1. Vehicle shock occurs when moving shift lever from N to P
  2. Impossible to drive forward when stepping on accelerator pedal
    after moving shift from N to D range
  3. ATM position indicator light fails to illuminate when symptom occurs.
2) Cause
  • Poor contact of engine compartment junction box
    DTC Diagnosis Item
    P0707 Trans Axle range switch
  1. Scan tool check
  2. Inspect Trans axle range using multi meter.
    =Calculate the resistance between # 8 terminal and # 1,3,4,7,9,10 terminal
    with the shift lever moved ( P, R, N ,D ) –0 ohms ( normal)
  3. With the ignition key “ on “ inspect the the supplied power to trans axle switch
    using test lamp – the power is not supplied.
  4. Inspect #23 fuse condition ; Normal.
  5. calculate the resistance between CO9 connector # 8
    and JCO1 connector # E6 using multi meter : 0 ohms
  6. Inspect the JCO9 connector condition :poor contact to the terminal.
4) Repair Guide
  • Repair the engine compartment junction box.
  • more study & please leave me a comments

Field Case azera

model :azera 3.3 (2009)
T/A : automatic trans.
Suject : Intermittent Engine Stalling
1) Condition
  1. Engine stalls intermittently.
  1. Sensor wiring ground bolt is loosened.
  2. Sensor ground bolt (G 16 fixed at chasis near radiator side) is retightened.
3) Diagnosis
  1. Scan tool check
    = No trouble code.
    = Current data is within spicification
  2. Auto transmission stall speed is normal (check by shift into drive RPM within 2200 but full handbrake)
  3. When swaying the sensor connectors, failure happens intermittently.
4) Repair Guide.
a) Repair wire

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Santa Fe Intermittent RPM Rising

model: Santa Fe (SM)
Displacement : 2000 cc
Fuel : Diesel
Subject :Intermittent RPM Rising = APS (acceleration position sensor )
1) condition
  1. Intermittently the engine RPM increases ( 750 > 1,300 RPM )
    while braking.
2) Cause
  1. APS (acceleration position sensor )
3) Diagnosis
  1. The APS signal is 899 mv at idle condition

    *Specification – 0.6 – 0.75 volt
  2. Check power which is impotted to APS sensor, ground line, signal power. – normal.

    * Specification

    = Sensor power: 4.5 – 5.5 Volt ( Disconnect the connector )
    =Sensor ground – 0 volt.
    =Sensor signal : Idling 0.6- 4.6 Volt.
  3. Inspect the terminal of APS connector – normal ? ok.
  4. Supply power source ( 0.6 ) to APS signal line using simulation mode in Hi- scan pro.
    - Normal operation
    of engine'.
    -replace the APS.
    - After replacing the APS, the sensor data and all system operate normally.
4)Repair Guide
  1. Replace the Acceleration position sensor.
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Santa Fe Field Case Trouble= Impossible to Start the Engine

MODEL: Hyundai Santa Fe ( SM ) 2002

Displacement: 2000 cc

Fuel : Diesel



  1. Impossible to start the Engine
  2. Cranking is possible

2) Cuase :

  • Fuel line is clogged with contaminated fuel diesel.

3) Diagnosis

  1. Scan tool check
    - Current data : Fuel pressure is lower than 44 bar during cranking.

    * Specification : Higher than 150 bar.
  2. Check the low pressure fuel line – The fuel pump does not operate.
  3. After replacing the fuel pump, starting the engine is possible but hesitation still occurs.
  4. Check the service data.
    -No trouble found.
    -The amount of fuel injection is 24 cc in idle codition.
  5. Check the amount of returned fuel to find poor injectors.
  6. The color of diesel fuel is different from normal fuel.

4) Repair Guide:

  1. Replace all the related parts.
    (Diesel fuel, low pressure pump,fuel tank , fuel sender, fuel filter.)
  2. Clean the fuel system.
    -Diagnosis tips : Engine hesitation and/or stalling problems on CRDI diesel engine.
    -If DTC code regarding sensor or fuel pressure is displayed, check the related parts before replacing the component.
    -If the amount of fuel injection is abnormal, check the injectors and other parts related to control engine idle.
  3. Checking method of fuel injector.
    - Check the amount of returned fuel from the injectors and compare it each other.
    - Check the injection power balance.
  4. Disconnect the injector connector one after another in idle condition.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Field Case Trouble Elantra/Engine Hard Starting

model: Elantra (XD) 2004
Displacement: 1600 cc
Fuel: Gasoline

  1. Intermittently hard engine starting.
2) Cause
  1. Poor contact of wiring connector.
  2. The location of wiring bracket is abnormal.
3) Diagnosis
  1. Monitor scan tool data.( P 0336 CKPS Circuit out range.)
  2. The location of CKPS bracket is normal.
    But if the wiring is too tightened, the poor contact is occurred due to the engine vibration.
  3. Inspection of CKPS signal using scan tool.
4) Repair Guide
  1. Connect scan tool to DLC(data link connector)
  2. Warm up the engine to normal operating temperature.
  3. Monitor the “CKPS signal” using parameter on the scan tool.
  4. If the current data of CKPS is off is Abnormal.
  5. The problem is caused intermittently by poor contact in the sensor and or ECM’s connector or was repaired and ECM memory was not cleared.
  6. Thoroughly check connector for looseness,poor connection ,bending corrosion,contamination ,deterioration or damage.
  7. Repair or replace as necessary and then go to “Verification of vehicle repair”procedure.

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Genesis 3.8 BH Under Chasis Trouble/Noise

model : Genesis 3.8 2009
Mileage : 40000 KM
group :Under chasis
Subject : underneath whinning/grinding noise during driving
1) Condition
  • underneath whinning/grinding noise during driving specially at 70 – 80 km/hr.
2) Cause
  • Differential oil burnt out of specified viscosity
3) Diagnosis
  • make road test to verify the problem.
  • check the oil/viscosity
4) change differential oil
2009 Hyundai Genesis Coupe: Suspension Walkaround
Look under enough cars and you'll see this from time to time. The rear differential is mounted in 3 places, but it looks like a 4-point mounting was considered earlier in the program. Think about it: are four chair legs as easy to balance as three? Of course not. Tripods and three-legged barstools rule. It's not precisely the same situation with vibrations, but the principle applies.
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Hyundai Latest Model/Tucson

Tucson Overview #1
Tucson overview #4
It’s one of the key principles of geometry: Rectangular shapes hold more than those with curves and sloping sides. So when designing a utility vehicle — particularly one that’s smaller by nature — boxier is better. The challenge, then, for Hyundai designers was to turn that boxy utility into graceful exterior design. The teams at our Frankfurt-based design and engineering centers were able to combine function and form in the sleek lines of the 2010 Tucson — our first CUV to be designed in Europe.
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Monday, April 5, 2010

Santa Fe Trouble Shooting Poor Engine Acceleration

model: Sonato EF 2.0 and Sonata NF 2.4 (2003 –2009)

fuel: Gasoline



  1. Poor acceleration when Driving on common rail road. even on engine idling and give sudden acceleration.

2) CAUSE :

  1. Catalytic converter is blocked.`

3) Diagnosis

  1. Scan tool check.
    -No trouble code from G- Scan
  2. Poor acceleration when accelerating suddenly by 3000 – 4000 rpm
  3. Normal waveform of no. 1 TDC and CKPS.
  4. Normal ignition plug and cable
  5. Normal state of fuel.
  6. After removing the exhaust manifold accelerating is normal.

4) Repair guide.

  1. Cause of catalytic converter damage.
    -If the rich air/fuel mixture ratio is reached to catalytic converter,the catalytic is melted or blocked the exhaust manifold and makes hard starting.
    -When driving to the road with water, the catalytic converter is damage due to the temperature difference between catalytic and water.
  2. Malfunction of oxygen sensor.
  3. Abnormal ignition coil and plug.
  4. Fuel that is not ignited makes catalytic converter damaged when the engine stalls due to the abnormal power TR.
  5. due to the impact of ‘muffler, the catalytic converter is damage.
  6. When abnormal fuel is used for the long time.
  7. When the ignition timing is not correct.
  8. Displayed DTC when the catalytic converter is damaged.
    - P0420 Main catalyst efficiency Deterioration (bank 1)
    (If any codes related to oxygen sensor .MAFS,injector, a P0170 or a P0173 are present, do all repair associated with them before proceeding with this trouble area).
    - P0421 Main catalyst efficiency deterioration (Bank 1)
    ( If any codes related to oxygen sensor .MAFS, injectors, a P0171, a P0172 are present,do all repairs associated with them before proceeding with htis trouble.
    - P0430 Main catalyst efficiency Deterioration (Bank 2 )
    If any codes related to H02S sensor,MAFS,injector, a Po170 or a P0173 are present, do all repairs associated with them before proceeding with this trouble area.)


Exhaust manifold and catalytic coverter

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Azera Trouble Shooting Engine Sterting but not Starting

model: Azera 2009

Displacement : 3300 cc

fuel : Gasoline


  • Engine cranking but not starting.


  • Loose electrical contact.
  • can high and can low jump with wire.


1) Scan tool check

  1. No communication by G- scan.
  • Check the power supply of Data link connector – Good ( Bat. + )
  • check the continuity from pin #2 of data link connector to pin #27 c 144-A of ECM with Digital tester no continuity.

=Check and repair loose contact from Engine compartment junction box, pin 53 JE01 and pin 45 JC101. (OK)

2) try to reprogram the immobilizer key due to key indicator not flashing on control panel but Engine still not starting.

  • check the resistance of can high and can low from data link connector. 0 ohms. even replace with new ECM.

note: can high and can low resistor build in passenger fuse box.


  • Replace ECM busted/seized.
  • Replace passenger fuse box.

Impossible to Start Engine/Santa Fe

MODEL : Santa Fe 2003
Displacement : 2000 cc
Fuel : Diesel.
subject : Impossible to start the engine – CMP sensor 2001-2005 <em>Hyundai</em> Accent <em>Camshaft Position Sensor</em> OES Genuine 01- ...Camshaft Position Sesor
1.) Condition
a) Impossible to start the engine in warm condition
( Engine coolant te mperature is higher than 65 degrees celsius )
b)Starting is possible in cold condition.
c)Impossible to restart the engine in warm condition.
2.) Cause
a) Camshaft position sensor malfunction.
3.) Diagnosis
1) scan tool check.
- Diagnostic Trouble code
P0403 EGR solenoid – malfunction.
P0340 CMP sensor malfunction.
2) Inspect the condition of suplied sensor signal, ground line, and CMP sensor power source
after disconnecting the connector using multimeter.
* Standard value : Power – 12 volt
Ground line – o volt
Signal line – 5 volt
3)Check the wave form of the CKP sensor – trouble not founding
4) Check the waveform of the CMP sensor Abnormal condition.
Word of reference:
- CMP –camshaft position sensor
-CKP - crankshaft position sensor
-ECM – Engine control module
- VGT – Variable Geometry Turbocharger
- EGR – Exhaust gas recirculation
4) Repair guide
1) replace the camshaft position sensor.
2) ECM with VGT diesel engine prevents engine from starting when the CKP or CMP is abnormal.
(cold condition – normal starting , Warm condition – Impossible to starting)

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Trouble Shooting/Terracan Intermittent Hard Starting

displacement: 3500 cc
fuel :DIESEL
  1. Intermittent hard starting.
  1. Fuel pump relay.
  1. Scan tool check
  • Diagnostic Trouble code – no trouble appeared in G –Scan
2. Check if there is any spark in IG coil system – normal.
3. To check the fuel line, inspect the sound of the fuel pump at IG key start.
- no sound.
4.Supply ( + ) terminal power source to the fuel pump terminal ( # 15 ) that is in multipurpose
- Fuel pump operation sound is found – No trouble in the pump.
- Possible to start the engine.
5) After removing the fuel pump relay, check condition of power and connection using test lamp
- Normal.
6. Check the fuel pump relay, (Supplied electric power to the coil.)
- Poor opperation of the fuel pump relay.
7. Check parts of the fuel pump relay
- Poor contact of the fuel pump relay.
4) Repair guide
= Replace the fuel pump relay. 
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Trouble Shooting Intermittent Engine Stalling

subject: INTERMITENT ENGINE STALLING – RPCV (Rail Pressure control valve)
1) Condition
1) Engine stalls intermittently during driving.
  • Engine stalls when stepping on the accelerator.
2) Cranking is possible w/o distinguishing of cold/heating condition,
but starting is delayed ( Engine start after 1.6 sec).
2) Cause
  1. Fuel leaking due to the abnormal steel ball in RPCV.
3) Diagnosis
1) Scan tool check
  • no diagnostic trouble code from G- scan.
2) Inspect fuel pressure by using Hi-scan .
  • choose the fuel pressure data in Hi-scan data list and turn “ off “ the engine, inspect the fuel change.( Turn “ OFF “ /” ON “ the ignition key within 2 second not to be finished the communication between Hi scan and ECM.)
  • the pressure is decreased rapidly (leaking ).(one option if you no HI scan is the fuel pressure test.
3)Inspect the fuel leaking area by using the hand vacuum pump.
  • loosen the 2 fuel pipes that are supplied to injector exhaust the remained fuel in common rail through compression air.
  • Connect the hand vacuum pump and maintain the vacuum to make it 50 mmhg.
  • Check for the change gauge after 5 minutes.
NOTE: in case of normal vehicle, the vacuum is maintained to 50mm after 5 minutes but incase of abnormal vehicle,the vacuum is not maintained and gauge decreases.
4) Inspect the RPCV (Rail Pressure control valve).
  • Remove the RPCV from the common rail and connect the hand vacuum pump and then maintain the vacuum to 50mmhg. Inspect the gauge change after 5 minutes. ( if normal, the vacuum is maintained )
  • The steel ball for the fuel pressure control has been damaged.
( When checking by disassembling the RPCV).
4)Repair Guide
  1. This trouble is occurred by water entering in fuel. Be sure to check the condition when inspecting the problem.
  2. In case of water/foreign material entering, the RPCV and injector may be damaged because the water would stay in common rail.
  3. Perform water seperating periodically by 5,000km and the fuel filter periodically by 2,000 km.
  4. Use hyundai Genuine parts type of filter surely
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Santa Fe (Hyundai)


1) Condition

a) Imposible to start engine (Cranking is Possible).
b) Possible to start the engine after replacing injector but the engine hesitates and white smoke is occurred.

2) Cause

a) The steel ball seems to be stuck the inside of injector.
b) Engine hesitation and white smoke occur due to the abnormal operation of the injector.

3) Diagnosis

a) Scan tool check
- no trouble code
- Check for the generation of fuel pressure by using current data mode.
- The fuel pressure is increase up to 5.5 bar when turning "ON" the ignition key.
b) Check the operation of injector (Electronic control line ) by using test lamp "T" connector.
- Disconnect the injector connector and connect the " T" connector.
- Check if the injector is controlled or not when cranking the engine.
- the injector is controlled normally.


The injector power which is given from ECM is inspected by using test lamp and " T " connector but confirm to the below.

a) Use let type of test lamp to prevent the damage in ECM.
b) Inspect by using " T " connector to prevent the damage in injector wire.

C) Remove the fuel pressure sensor from the common rail and connect it to high pressure pump and then, check for the generation of high pressure.

- The pressure is increase up to 1500 bar rapidly when cranking the engine (normal)
- Inspect the returned fuel quantity from injector.
- The returned fuel quantity of #2 is more excessive than the other cylinders when checking the returned fuel by using return tester.

* After replacing the #2 injector, possible to start the engine but hesitation and white smoke arenot disappeared when idling in cold condition.

Visually inspect the injector
- Removed all injector and inspect the carbon in the nozzle tip and sticking of the foreing material.(normal)
- Check the fuel leakage (normal)
- Different type of injector have been assembled whin checking the mark on injectors.
2) The engine operates normally after combining the injctor.

D) Repair guide

  • this problem is accured because #2 injector is not injected when starting the engine and due to the poor contact of the steel ball. this symptom may be accured by abnormal fuel fuel, foreing material or sometimes water entering.
  • The second cause of the malfunction is an incorrect injector.that is installed to vehicle.Due to the incorrect injector,engine hesitation and white smoke are accured in cold condition.In this case, the injector quantity is adjusted by ECM as time passes and, the simptom is disappeared. But it is better to replace the injector with normal one.
*these are various kinds of injectors, check the mark on injector and choose the applicable injector to its vehicle

1. Bosch japan
2. Small " Y " mark (white collor)
3. For VGT (961)
4. Part number : 33600-27900

b) 1.Bosch korea.
2." V " Mark
3. Big " Y " mark
4. For VGT (539)
5. Part number : 33800-27900

C) 1. Bosch korea
3. WD mrk
4. For WGT (539)
5. Part number : 33800-27010

D) 1.Bosch japan
2. No mark
4. For WGT & (961)
5. Part number 33800-27000

E) 1. Bosch japan
2. No mark
4. For WGT & (961)
5. Part no: 33800-27010
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