Friday, July 30, 2010

How to Repair the Heater Blows Cold Air when Warm Air is Expected.

How to repair the heater blows cold when warm air is expected.

Model: Hyundai Azera (TG)

Year Model: 2007

Fuel : Gasoline

Displacement: 2700cc

Subject: Heater aspirator hose(heating problem).

1) Condition

  1. The HVAC(Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning) unit blows cold air when warm/hot air is expected.

2) Cause

  1. The linked aspirator hose is placed behind the the control panel.
  2. The kink in the aspirator hose prevents the in car sensor to detect the cabin air temperature accurately.

3) Diagnosis

  1. Remove the center facia  panel and audio.
  2. Inspect the aspirator hose condition.
    = If the aspirator is kinked or is not clamped by the weld clip, route the hose properly and clamp the hose with the weld clip then install all removed components
    = If the aspirator hose is kinked permanently replace the hose properly.
  3. Removed the heater control panel.
  4. Install the new aspirator hose and then clamp the aspirator hose using the weld clip.
  5. Reinstall all removed components and check the heater for proper operation

4) Repair Guides

  1. Inspect the aspirator hose condition and replace the hose properly.

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How to Repair the Abnormal Noise Chime Bell During Driving

How to Repair the Abnormal Noise Chime Bell During Driving.
Model: Hyundai Azera (TG)

Year Model: 2008

Fuel : Gasoline


Subject: Abnormal Noise During Driving – Chime bell

1) Condition

  1. Abnormal noise comes from the chime bell during driving.

2) Cause

  1. Malfunction of ETACSCM.

3) Diagnosis

  1. Check the waveforms of the door warning buzzer – Abnormal signal.
  2. Inspect the M34 connector #1 terminal signal using GDS oscilloscope – Abnormal waveform(Control line).
  3. Replace the ETACS then test the problem gone

4) Parts Replace

  1. Replace the ETACS Assembly.

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How to Repair Poor Operation of Speed Meter Gauge

How to repair poor operation of speed meter.


Model: Hyundai Grandeur (XG)

Year Model: 2004b

Fuel: Gasoline

Displacement: 3000cc

Subject: Poor operation of speed meter gauge.

1) Condition

  1. Speed meter gauge does not operate(Not related to drive speed).

2) Cause

  1. The connector pin is pushed during when connecting the VSS signal to install a navigation system.

3) Diagnosis

  1. When performing driving test , speed signal is inputted in G-Scan:Normal
    = Vehicle speed sensor: Normal,ECU signal input line: Normal.
  2. Actuate the speed meter by force using VSS mode in G-Scan simulator.
    = No change of speed gauge.
  3. Inspect the VSS signal of connector after removing the instrument cluster in inspection #2 condition: No signal.
  4. When checking the VSS(Vehicle Speed Sensor) signal input wiring a pushed connector wiring is found that connects with passenger compartment junction box.

4) Repair Parts or Replace.

  1. Replace the connector pin

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What is the Problem if Engine Hard to Start in Morning

What is the Problem if Engine Hard to Start in Morning.?
How to check of this problem?

Model: Hyundai Sonata (FL).

Year Model: 2010

Fuel: Gasoline

Displacement: 2400cc

Subject: Engine Hard starting especially in the morning.

1) Condition

  1. Engine hard starting in morning, at the same time after driving the car and park after a few minute try to start it cannot start immediately.

2) Cause

  1. immobilizer key.

3) Diagnosis

  1. Scan tool check
    Trouble Code.
    a) P1693 – Immobilizer Transponder.

    Almost all Hyundai model are built in with anti theft gadget that what we call immobilizer system. consist of ECM, the SMARTRA3 and the ignition keys with built in transponder.
       The ECM carries out the check of ignition key by especial encryption algorithm with SMARTRA3 and transponder. the encryption algorithm (between ECM and SMARTRA3) is used one offered from Bosch. the encryption algorithm (between ECM and Transponder) is Hitag2 type witch is high level.when ignition ON, the ECM executes the key authentication. The engine can be started in case of the success in SMARTRA3 and key Authentication.
       The Key teaching procedure start with ECM request of pin from scanner. The ‘virgin’ ECM stores the pin and the key learning can be started. the '”learnt” ECM compares the PIN from tester with the vehicle password in transponder. If the data is correct, the learning can be started. Scanner request the learning of the first key, the SMARTRA3 is registered at first and then first key is registered by ECM. If the SMARTRA3 status is learnt and pin number is different , the SMARTRA3 will return the incorrect pin data to the ECM. in this case, the ECM can’t execute the key learning process.
  2. Observation the key indicator from control takes a second to appear this abnormal. the normal is takes 3 second only.
  3. Check and reprogram with new key.
  4. The indicator normalize = Ok

4) Replace Parts

  • Immobilizer Key

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Monday, July 26, 2010

How to Check if Air bag Warning Light On

How to check if airbag warning light on always.
What may be the cause of airbag indicator light on always.
Model: Hyundai Azera
Year Model: 2009
Fuel: Gasoline
Displacement: 3300cc
1) Condition
  1. Esp/Airbag warning light is “On” when driving.
2) Cause
  1. Internal fault of steering angle sensor.
3) Diagnosis
  1. Scan tool check.
    = Trouble code ( C1260 – Steering Angle Sensor Signal.
    =General Description.
    =The steering angle sensor (SAS) joined to the multifunction switch and using a CAN communication.The SAS is composed of main gear,serve gear 1 and serve gear 2 to determine the turning direction. If main gear is rotated according to the rotation of the steering wheel gear serve 1 serve gear 2, which is contact with main gear, will be rotated.
    =The HECU detects the absolute angle by using magnetic MR effects and the different gear ratio of each serve gear and then send to the  CAN communication line.
    =The HECU detects the steering wheel’s operating wheel speed and operating wheel angle by using absolute angle , and this signal is used as input signal of anti-roll control.
    = If the SAS signal is different from calculated value by Yaw-rate sensor and wheel speed sensor,mechanically impossible  SAS signal is detected , there is a different between SAS signal and driving condition of the vehicle calculated from the Yaw-rate sensor and later G-sensor , a failure is detected.
  2. Possible cause.Short of steering angle sensor,Faulty steering angle sensor,Faulty HECU.
  3. Current data monitoring
    Steering angle sensor ( 0 ) degrees always.
  4. Replace Steering angle sensor. then calibrate with GDS or G-Scan.
    =the problem disappeared.
4) Repair Guides
  • Replace with new Steering angle sensor.
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

How to Check if Engine Jerking when Accelerating

How to Check if Engine Jerking when Accelerating = This is the one of simplest trouble but some technician didn’t know it.
Model: Hyundai Trajet
Year Model: 2004
Fuel: Gasoline
Displacement: 2000cc
Subject: Engine Jerking when Accelerating.
1) Condition
  1. Engine jerking during driving sometimes.
  2. More severe problem when quick accelerating the pedal.
2) Cause
  1. Spark fire leaks from spark plug cable(engine side)
  2. Cable crack and white color of the cable.
3) Diagnosis
  1. Scan tool check
    =Diagnosis trouble code.
    a) P0300 – Random misfire detected.
    b) P0301 – Cylinder #1 misfire detected.
  2. Change the material of the spark cable.
  3. Extend the length of the cable guide
4) Repair Guides
  1. Replace the spark plug cables.
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

How to fix the inaccurate water temperature gauge

How to fix the inaccurate water temperature gauge.
Model: Hyundai Santa Fe
Year Model: 2002
Fuel: Diesel
Displacement: 2000cc
1) Condition
  1. Coolant temperature gauge indicates different level whenever the ignition key is turned ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’
    =The gauge indicates lower level than normal.
2) Cause
  1. Malfunction of engine coolant temperature sensor.\
3) Diagnosis
  1. Check the coolant temperature sensor ground condition and the circuit
    =Trouble not found.
  2. Check the coolant temperature sensor output voltage.
    =Turn the key ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ repeatedly.
    signal voltage shows 1.2 volts(if normal,
    2.5 voltage).
  3. After replacing the coolant temperature sensor, the gauge operates normally.
4) Repair Guides
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How to check the automatic transmission shock shifting

This is the first case we have on Genesis (BH) 4.6 litters shock shifting. since this kind of model for example if the gear box has a problem the only thing we do is to diagnose where does the problem and there are only three option to replace to Mechatronics E module + valve body,check the engine system and to replace the automatic gear box assembly.
How to check automatic transmission shock shifting
Model: Genesis (BH)
Year Model: 2009
Fuel: Gasoline
Displacement: 4600cc
Subject: Shock shifting  then car cannot be move forward,you have to off the  engine then restart and shift to drive to move.
1) Condition
  1. Automatic transmission shock shifting during driving.
  2. Automatic transmission not shifting.
2) Cause
  • Mechatronic e module + valve body.
  • Transmission assembly.
3) Diagnosis
  1. Scan tool check
    = P0729 Gear 6 incorrect ratio.
    TCM sets this code if the value of input speed (Turbine speed) is not equal to the value of output speed,when multiplied by the 1st gear ratio, while the transaxle is engaged in 1st gear. if this code is outputted,check the engine system first
    Possible Cause
    1) Engine System
    2) Mechatronic E module + valve body
    3) Transmission assembly
  2. since we have no part available for this transmission.and it is not advice sable overhaul replace transmission with assembly.
3) Replace Guides
  • Replace transmission with assembly
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How to check why my car head light weak.

There are some causes why your car head light weak unless you accelerate the accelerator to rise up the RPM. Due to weak battery, poor contact of battery post to cable, defective alternator.

How to check why my car head light weak?

Model: Hyundai Sonata NF

Year Model: 2009

Fuel: Gasoline

Displacement: 2400cc

Subject: Weak a/c blower and weak lights unless accelerate to make bright.

1) Condition

  1. A/C blower
  2. Weak lights

2) Cause

  1. Due to weak alternator charging.

3) Diagnosis

  1. Scan tool check = No trouble code.
  2. Check for current data = battery voltage is only 12 volt.
  3. Check battery with battery tester = Good battery.
  4. Check for wire connection,poor contact or corroded.= Ok
  5. Check alternator pull out and put new one.
  6. Check again with scan tool = Ok 13.7 Volt

4) Repair Guides

  • Replace alternator assembly.

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How to check ECTS (Engine coolant temperature sensor).

Hyundai coolant temperature sensor is also one of the most important in you car today, it control fuel and serve as switch for cooling system.

How to check ECTS( Engine coolant temperature sensor)

The engine coolant water temperature sensor is located in the engine coolant passage of the cylinder head. it detects the water temperature and relay signal to the ECU. it employs a thermistor, which i sensitive to changes in temperature. The electric resistance of a thermistor decreases in response to temperature  rise. The ECU judges engine coolant temperature by the sensor output voltage and provides optimum fuel enrichment when the engine is cold.

 Troubleshooting Hints

When idling speed is not appropriate or blacksmoke arises it is likely to be a defect of water temperature sensor.

Wiring harness inspection     

Refer to P0117, P0118


Check item                   Data display            Check conditions            coolant temp.    set valve

water temperature       sensor temp.         ignition switch:on or        -20*c               -20*c
sensor                                                 engine running                   0*c                0*c
                                                                                              20*c                20*c
                                                                                              40*c                4o*c
                                                                                               80*c               80*c

Using multitester

  1. Removed the water temperature from the engine coolant passage of the cylinder head.
  2. With temperature sensing portion of the engine coolant temperature sensor immersed in the hot water check resistance.

    1) WTS Sensor.

    Temperature (*C)                                            Resistance (Kilo Ohms) 
           -40                                                        48.14
           -20                                                        14.13~16.83
             0                                                         5.790
            20                                                        2.31~2.59
            40                                                        1.148
            60                                                        0.5865
            80                                                        0.3222
           100                                                       0.1884
           110                                                 0.1451~0.1491
           120                                                      0.1163

    2) Gauge Unit

    Temperature (*C)                                           Resistance(ohms)
    60                                                       125
             85                                                   42.6~54.2
            110                                                  22.1~26.2
            125                                                      15.2
  3. If the resistance deviates from the standard value greatly, replace the sensor.


  1. Apply sealant loctite 962T or equivalent to threaded portion.
  2. Install water temperature sensor and tighten it to specified torque.
    Tightening torque : 3.0~4.0 kg.m
  3. Connect the harness.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

How Air Flow Sensor Works?

Learn how to does air flow sensor works in your car, Its really really help full to every one who have car even you have no idea about technical but reading and reading a booklet about it someday you can tell ah.ah.ah.ah.ah.ah.ah.ah.ah.ah its easy. all car especially electronic today built in a airflow sensor.

How air flow sensor works and how to check it?

Air flow sensor (AFS)

MAF uses the features of sensor heater, after HOT FILM units calculate the intake air quantity, then send the signal to ECU. ECU decides the fuel quantity and ignition timing, and recognizes up hills and helps fuel quantity and over run air conditioner compensation , idle speed actuator MAF might be combined to measure the intake air temperature.


Mass air flow (kg/h)                                                   Output voltage(V)
            10                                                                        1.2226~1.2398
            15                                                                        1.3552~1.3778
            30                                                                        1.6783~1.7146
            60                                                                        2.1619~2.2057
          120                                                                        2.7215~2.7762
          250                                                                        3.4388~3.5037
          370                                                                        3.8796~3.9511
          480                                                                        4.1945~4.2683
          640                                                                        4.5667~4.6469


  1. When ignition switch is turned on, if AFS output voltage is not 0(Engine stops), inspect the malfunction of AFS and ECU.
  2. Even though AFS output voltage is abnormal, if engine is at idle, inspect the following condition.  
    1) Heck the poor attachment of airflow, cut the air duct, and air cleaner filter branched from AFS.
    2) Bad combustion in the cylinder or fault injector.
  3. Even if no AFS malfunction occurs , check the mounting direction of AFS.

    Use correct voltmeter.
    = Before inspection, warming up the engine till the engine coolant temperature is up to 80 ~90*c

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

How to check fuel smell occurs inside the car.

How to check fuel smell occurs inside the car at the same time engine hesitation and rough idling in hot condition.
Model : Hyundai Azera (TG)
Year Model: 2008
Fuel : Gasoline
Displacement: 3300cc
Subject: Fuel smell occurs inside the car and engine hesitation and rough idling in hot condition.
1) Condition
  1. Fuel smell occurs inside the car during hot condition.
  2. Engine hesitation occurs when acceleration in hot condition.
 2) Cause
  1. Due to purge control solenoid valve malfunctioning.
3) Diagnosis
  1. Scan tool check = fail safe throttle body & oxygen sensor.
  2. Check current data for purge control solenoid valve= Not working
  3. Manually check if the purge valve is working or not.
    = hold the purge and accelerate, you can feel if its working.
4) Repair Guides

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How To Check The Engine Poor Power On Acceleration?

This Case is Different with some trouble that i encounter but is not new for me,i was encounter before.

How To Check The Engine No Power On Acceleration?

Model : Hyundai Sonata (NF)

Year Model: 2006

T/A :All

Fuel : Gasoline

Displacement: 2400cc

1) Condition:

  1. Engine poor power on acceleration.
  2. Engine hesitate on acceleration on idling and even on driving.

2) Cause :

  1. Clogged Air filter.
  2. Clogged Exhaust manifold.

3) Diagnosis:

  1. Scan tool Check.
    Trouble Found by GDS is Oxygen sensor.
  2. Check the current data for oxygen sensor abnormal.
  3. Check for the wiring connection from ECU = Good
  4. Pull out Oxygen replace with good condition. at the same time check for exhaust manifold assembly = Found out that the catalytic converter is broken.

4) Repair Guides

  1. Engine Tune Up.
    Replace Spark plug.
    = Replace Air filter.
    = Replace fuel filter.
    = Chang oil engine.
  2. Replace  assembly exhaust manifold.
  3. Replace oxygen sensor.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

How To Diagnose Engine Vibration & Poor Acceleration.

This case probably occurs to the car due to human error.Car car was engine overhaul last to months. Due to engine overheating Radiator fan not working we found out that has an accident at the front and the fan module damage. it is not covered by warranty, we make total estimate for all the damage, after finish the owner take his car. then after two months again come and the problem is poor acceleration.
Model: Hyundai Azera
Year Model: 2009
Mileage: 40715km
Fuel: Gasoline
Displacement: 2700cc
T/A : Auto
Subject: Engine suddenly  poor acceleration – Engine compartment Junction box.
1) Condition:
  1. Suddenly engine poor acceleration.
  2. Engine excessive vibration.
2) Cause:
  1. internal engine compartment fuse box.
3) Diagnosis:
  1. Scan tool check
    = Fail safe ( limp home of throttle body, oxygen sensor, Oil control valve, Camshaft position sensor.)
  2. Visually Check up
    = lift up the car by lifter to check if there is a damage. Front damage due to accident. and fix from outside workshop but some front harness wire dislocation from the original position.
  3. Check the engine compartment fuse box if damage only  scratch.
  4. pull out and check the wire connector – Ok
  5. Re-fixed again the engine fuse box then connect the GDS(Global Diagnostic System) the trouble code is different from the first trouble code.
  6. So replace the engine fuse box with good fuse box then start.
  7. The problem disappeared.
4) Repair Guide
  1. Replace engine compartment fuse box.
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Hyundai Cars Elantra Fuel Delivery

Sunday, July 11, 2010

How to Test a Fuel Delivery System?

= This teaching is one of most important if you have auto, so that you can analyze the problem of your car by your own.Some technical teaching has involve money or you have to enroll first in technical school. but I give you this for free, Thanks a lot for visiting my site and hope that this is not the first and last to visit me.
= Some problem of car due to fuel system.
  1. Engine not Starting but cranking.
  2. Engine suddenly cut off during driving.
  3. Engine rough idling.
  4. Engine poor acceleration.
  5. Engine stalling etc.
Fuel Delivery System
Fuel Line:
A) Fuel Pressure Test
  1. Reduce the internal pressure of the fuel lines and hoses
    a) Disconnect the pump harness connector.
    b) Start the engine and after it stalls, turn the ignition to switch off position.
    c) Disconnect the battery negative terminal.
    d) Connect the fuel pump connector.
  2. Remove the bolt connecting the fuel line to the fuel delivery pipe.

    = Cover the hose connection with a shop towel to prevent splashing of fuel caused by residual pressure in the fuel line.
  3. Using the fuel pressure gauge adaptor, install the fuel pressure gauge (A) to the fuel pressure gauge adaptor (B). tighten the bolt.

    Fuel pressure gauge to fuel delivery pipe
    24~35 Nm(, 18~26 lb.ft)
  4. Connect the battery’s negative(-) terminal.
  5. Apply battery voltage to the terminal for the pump drive and activate the fuel applied, check the that there is no fuel leakage form the pressure gauge or connection part.
  6. Start and run the engine at curb idle speed.
  7. Disconnect the vacuum hose from the fuel pressure regulator, and plug the hose end. measure the fuel pressure at idle.

    Standard Value:
    320~340 kPa (3.26~3.47kg/cm , 46~49 psi).
  8. Measure the pressure when the vacuum hose is connected to the pressure regulator.

    Standard value:
    Approx.225 kPa (2.57 kg/cm 37 psi
  9. If the result of the measurement made in 7 step and 8 are not within the standard value, Use the next table to determine the probable cause , and make the necessary repairs.

How to Test a Fuel Delivery System

According to the Hyundai H1 Gasoline This a continuation of teaching.

Condition Probable Cause Remedy
Fuel pressure too low =Clogged fuel filter
=Fuel leakage to the return side, Cause by poor steering of the fuel steering of the pressure regulator
=Low discharge pressure of the fuel pump
=Replace fuel filter
=Replace fuel pressure regulator.

= Check the in-tank fuel hose for leakage or replace the fuel pump.
Fuel pressure too high = Sticking fuel pressure regulator.
= Clogging or bent fuel return hose return hose or pipe.
= Replacefuel pressuire regulator.
= Repair or replace hose or pipe.
There is no difference in fuel pressure when the vacuum hose is connected and when it is not. = Clogged or damage vacuum hose or nipple
= Sticking or poor seating of the fuel pressure regulator.
= Replace injector

= Replace fuel pump.

10  Stop the engine and check the for a change in the fuel pressure gauge reading, which should hold for approximately 5 minutes. If the gauge indicator drops, observe the rates at which its drops.Determine and remove the caused according to the following table.

Condition Probable Cause Remedy
Fuel pressure drops slowly after engine is stopped. injector leakage Replace injector
Fuel pressure drops immediately after engine is stopped the check valve within the fuel pump is open Replace fuel pump.

11   Reduce the pressure in the fuel pump.

12   Disconnect the hose and gauge.

Cover the hose with the shop towel to prevent aplashing of fuel caused by fuel residual pressure in the fuel line.

13   Replace the o ring at the end of the hose.

14   Connect the fuel hose to the delivery pipe and tighten the bolt.

15   Check for fuel leakage.

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How to Resolve when The Air Bag Warning Light On?

Model: Grandeur/Azera(TG)

Year Model: 2008

Mileage: 60371km

T/A : All

Fuel: Gasoline

Displacement: 3300cc

Subject: Air Bag Warning Light On – SRSCM

1) Condition:

  1. Airbag warning light turned on during driving.

2) Cause:

  1. Internal fault to airbag control module (SRSCM).

3) Diagnosis

  1. Scan tool check.
    = Diagnosis Trouble Code (B1620 SRSCM internal failure, B1361 DBPT Resistance high, B 1650 SRSCM Crash recorded).
  2. DTC is detected
    = But DTC B1620 is generated again (SRSCM internal failure).

4) Repair Guides

  • Replace the airbag control module.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hyundai TQ Cut Off During Driving

Model: Hyundai H1(TQ)
Year Model: 2009
Mileage: 40725km
Displacement: 2400cc
Fuel: Gasoline
T/A: All
Subject: Engine cut off during driving – Fuel pump.
1) Condition:
  1. Suddenly engine cut off during driving especially on hot condition.
2) Cause:
  • Malfunctioning fuel pump and it occurs during driving at engine hot condition.
3) Diagnosis
  1. Scan tool check = no trouble found.
  2. Check for fuel pump pressure with gauge = out of specification after an hour.
4) Repair Guides
  • Replace Fuel pump motor.
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Due To Junction Block Engine Stalling

Model : Hyundai Accent (MC)

Year Model: 2009

Mileage: 40123km

Displacement: 1400cc

Fuel: Gasoline

T/A: Auto

Subject: Junction Block Defective Can Cause Engine Stalling.

1) Condition:

  1. Engine Stalling during driving and impossible to restart the engine for 5 minutes.

2) Cause:

  1. Poor contact of the engine compartment junction block.

3) Diagnosis

  1. Scan tool check
    = Diagnostic trouble code = B1112(Airbag system) Battery voltage is too low.
  2. Check the fuel pump and the engine control relay – No power supply.
  3. Check the engine compartment junction block.
    = Engine stalling is reproduced when touching the junction block and wiring harness
    = Poor contact of the joint connector number 5 in the junction block.

4) Repair Guides:

  1. Repair the engine junction block connector.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

P0016 Crankshaft and Camshaft correletion.

= The cvvt ( continously variable valve timing) system is installed to the chain sprocket of the intake camshaft. this system controls the intake camshaft to provide the optimal valve timing for every driving condition. The ECM controls the oil control valve (OCV), based from the signal output from mass air flow, throttle position and engine coolant temperature. The CVVT controller regulates the intake camshaft angle

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Clicking Noise From Sunroof Sonata YF?

Model: Hyundai Sonata YF
Year Model: 2011
Displacement: 2400cc
Mileage: 10247km
Fuel: Gasoline
Subject: Clicking Noise From Sunroof.
1) Condition:
  1. Unusual clicking noise from sunroof while driving.
2) Cause:
  • Due to Sunroof linkage.
3) Diagnosis:
  1. Road test to probe if the problem occurs = Noise occurs.
  2. Pull out the Sunroof and check some linkage loosened.
4) Repair Guide:
  • Repair and Retightened all parts
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Engine Trouble Shooting Noise

Knocking noise usually from internal parts of engine.but this knocking sound is different from normal noise.

Model: Grandeur (XG)

Displacement: 3000cc

Year Model: 2003

Mileage: 128354km

Fuel: Gasoline

T/A : Auto

1) Condition:

  1. Engine noise in cold condition or accelerating.

2) Cause:

  • Damage Damper pulley.

3) Diagnosis:

  1. The tension of Drive belt is normal.
  2. The symptom disappears after dismounting the drive belt.
  3. Damper pulley  vibrates after re-installing the drive belt.= Pulley is Cracked.

4) Repair Guide:

  • Replace the Damper pulley

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Abnormal Vibrating Noise Due to Accelerator Cable.

Model: Hyundai Grandeur (XG)

Year Model: 2000

Mileage: 130276km

Displacement: 2500cc

Fuel: Gasoline

T/A: Auto

1) Condition:

  • Noise is Heard from the instrument panel and heater duct when the RPM is 1,500~1,800.

2) Cause:

  1. The trap of power steering high- pressure hose and accelerator cable are tightened too hard.

3) Diagnosis:

  1. Check the instrument panel and the heater area – Trouble not found.
  2. Check the engine room area.
    = The strap of the power steering high-pressure hose and the accelerator cable are tightened too hard
    = The noise travels through the accelerator cable into instrument panel.
    = After loosening the strap, the symptom has disappeared.

4) Repair Guide:

  • Loosen the Strap of the accelerator cable and the high pressure hose.

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Car Stereo Can Affect Hazard and Signal Light?

Field Case Study

Model:Hyundai Elantra (HD)

Year Model: 2009

Mileage: 79251km

Displacement: 1600cc

T/A: All

Fuel: Gasoline

1) Condition:

  1. Intermittent Turn and Signal light not Working.

2) Cause:

  1. Due to the hazard and signal light fuse busted
  2. Overheating Car Stereo.

3) Diagnosis:

  1. Scan toll check = No trouble code found.
  2. Check the fuse and relay from engine compartment fuse box = Hazard fuse busted (Replace fuse)
  3. Check the fuse and relay from the passenger fuse box = signal or turn light fuse busted(Replace fuse)

    = Test the car with all lights on to see if the problem still occurs.After an hour = Ok All are working
    = Then  all lights switch off except signal light, then the Car stereo switch On After a minute suddenly the signal light block out.
  4. Check for the Electrical Trouble Manual of Hazard and Signal light and Car Stereo = there is no wire connected to the Car stereo, but their only joint together on the electronically passenger fuse box.
  5. Check for the diagram of Car stereo and check the wire connection = the power memory wire is seems like burnt from the passenger fuse box to the stereo terminal.
  6. visually check the fuse box, power memory terminal corroded.
  7. Check for wire shorted = OK all wire good.
  8. Found out that the Car stereo overheating.

4) Repair Guide

  1. Replace passenger fuse box and Car Stereo.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Intermittent Knocking Noise On engine Idling


Model: Sonata (NF)

Year model: 2006

Displacement: 2400cc

Mileage: 124803 km

Fuel: Gasoline

A/T: manual

1) Condition:

  1. engine knocking noise on starting.
  2. intermittent knocking noise on engine idling

2) Cause:

  1. Clutch flywheel

3) Diagnosis:

= Intermittent knocking noise due to the clutch flywheel excessive clearance.this noise the as engine knocking noise but the only different is engine is running then the problem occurs, push the clutch the problem immediately disappear.

4) Repair Guide:

  • pull down manual tramission and replace flywheel.

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